Upbeat Brown

This month, Jude has asked us to find photos featuring brown. Well, I know about brown. Here is brown:

That’s right. Mud. We have mud everywhere.

I could cheer things up a bit however. Look at these. My featured photo was taken near Fountains Abbey only a few weeks ago, and here are more uplifting shots of the world in brown. We’ll start off with some that have been squared up – and can anybody help me identify that butterfly please?:

… and move on to a couple more autumnal scenes from Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal; a fish – part of a wall decoration at the Natural History Museum, London; tree bark: and our logs all stacked up for winter. Click on any photo for a close-up.

Life in Colour: Brown

Square Up

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59 thoughts on “Upbeat Brown”

  1. These are lovely, Margaret (with the possible exception of the mud 🙂 ). The fallen leaves are wonderfully nostalgic and who can resist a skwirrel? 🙂 A crowd pleaser, for sure!


      1. If I’ve learnt ne thing recently, it’s that I’ve been rubbish at labelling photos. I have learnt my lesson now, but in some cases, it’s too late. Does that answer your question 😉 ?


      2. lol!

        I was hoping you might have a vague idea so i could tweet it to the relevant butterfly/wildlife group – the UK one has been so good at helping me identify a few on twitter

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      3. It was the Horniman Museum’s Butterfly House, so it’ll be exotic. I normally take a picture of the relevant label too, but this time … no.


      4. ah that explains why the most similar ones coming up were not from the UK! I’m on the case . . . well will be once the interviewing is done. Talking to a potential new volunteer in a few secs

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  2. I am so happy with all the incredible browns people are finding. It really is not the boring colour we think. Your woodland scenes are gorgeous as is the red squirrel and I am glad Becky quizzed you about the butterfly. It looks a lot like our Meadow Brown except the upper wings are the wrong shape. I hope you have saved a brown for the next three weeks!

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  3. I’m not a fan of brown but this collection is delightful. As many a colour, brown has so many shades, and the different structures make for fascinating viewing. One of my pet subjects are barks, same as you – wood, in general, so versatile in colour, shades, texture…. you squared up well!

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  4. Brown – as in a warm chocolate hue – is one of my favourite colours. Which is probably quite an unusual favourite colour. Great photos, the butterfly is really nice!


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