Around the World in Ten Photos (4)

Yesterday‘s image was a difficult one to crack. But Agnes did it! It was taken in one of the most peaceful places I know, l’Albufera Natural Park, an area of freshwater lagoons near Valencia, Spain. Today, we’ll stick with a watery theme. Can you see the heron here, enjoying urban life? Maybe identifying the town is a stretch too far. But which country are we in?

Andrew of Have Bag, Will Travel invited me to join him and other bloggers to post one favourite travel picture a day for ten days without explanation, then each day, nominate someone new to join in on the same terms. Judith, of Beyond the Window Box – any chance you’d like to join in? No pressure if it’s not for you, but you do take the most evocative photos. Link back to this post if you decide to have a go.

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48 thoughts on “Around the World in Ten Photos (4)”

  1. Oh I am feeling very smug about yesterday, but despite living in Holland for a while and instantly recognising the architectural style, well, it could be Amsterdam or Leiden or Haarlem or . . . . Definitely agreeing with RestlessJo too hard!

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    1. I didn’t seriously expect anyone to get the actual town, which I’ll reveal tomorrow. My Geography teacher would have had you in detention. Holland, she would explain, is only to be used for the two provinces containing the name Holland. Don’t worry. I doubt if she’s still alive to get you.

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  2. Europe for certain; good light but not very high in the sky. Dutch looking houses, lots of bicycles in the photo. “Pas foto”, even more likely to be Dutch. Which city? I can’t recognize anything for certain.

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  3. I know one thing: It’s not in France – but a country where photos are written FOTOS – so it could be any town with a canal, river, in Germany, any northern land really, but also Czechoslovakia etc etc etc. It also isn’t in Switzerland because we don’t have that style of buildings…. so go and eat your heart out!

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