Around the World in Ten Photos (2)

Today I’m sending a postcard, as I’ve been doing every Tuesday for a while. But because it’s part of my Around the World collection, I shan’t tell you where it’s from until tomorrow. As part of Jude’s 2020 Photo Challenge, I’m choosing a subject that has mass and volume, and where you will be in no doubt what’s centre stage.

Yesterday‘s photo was a tough one. But Peter got it! Well done, Peter of Peter’s Pondering. You’re quite right. It’s the World War II Museum in Gdansk, Poland. We spent much of the day here when we visited. It’s an absorbing, unsettling collection, showing all too graphically the hardships endured by the citizens of Easter Europe before, during and after the conflict. Here’s my account. Highly recommended, as is Gdansk itself.

Andrew of Have Bag, Will Travel invited me to join him and other bloggers to post one favourite travel picture a day for ten days without explanation, then each day, nominate someone new to join in on the same terms. Elke, of Pictures Imperfect , I’m inviting you today. No pressure if it’s not for you though.

2020 Photo Challenge #50

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27 thoughts on “Around the World in Ten Photos (2)”

      1. I think it’s been there a couple of years now – and is in the permanent collection , rather than a temporary exhibit. It’s almost the first thing you see.


  1. well, even with my travelling experience, I can’t say I’ve seen this woman! she must have had a giant baby! great fun to view.


  2. Of course it is the sculpture in Yorkshire park, but I couldn’t remember the name, knew the place began with a W and kept worrying away at (I did not look at comments or Google!!) and finally it popped into my head. Oh dear getting old, don’t you just love it?

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  3. The advantage of playing catch-up; I now know where this is. I love the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and even did a massive detour on my last UK trip to go there. Pre- this piece clearly.

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