My Kind of View from My Kind of Window

It’s time for another Virtual Vacation,  Let’s go to Seville, just for the day.  If we pop into this bar, we can look through its window, and see for ourselves the view of la Giralda and the city centre which is currently reflected onto the outside of it. Which is kind of fun.

#Kinda Square

Monday Window

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29 thoughts on “My Kind of View from My Kind of Window”

  1. I had a rueful thought about our flag flying here, but perhaps it is better not to mention it. I am kinda discombobulated as I thought I had followed the link from Becky’s site to today’s post, but managed to get to a post from 2016 instead. It was very interesting and the album is wonderful to have, even if you don’t know who everyone is. I wanted to say I think one of the people might be Queen Victoria, but the comments were closed.

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  2. Thank you for the invitation. “I’ll have another.” Always so pleasant sitting by a window with a friend, looking out at a pleasant view, chatting about old times … Yes, thank you.

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