Kindly Cows?

Near Carperby, Wensleydale.

As we began our walk in Wensleydale this week, we were inspected by these curious cows.  With two cow-related deaths in the news last week, I was glad they were safely tucked behind a drystone wall.  I’m kind of wary these days.

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42 thoughts on “Kindly Cows?”

  1. Love the way the black cow has a precise stone nose! And the left/right lines in the Carperby photo are very effective.


  2. Well done you! I didn’t think it was too bad- just a shock to the system 🙂 🙂 I detect a hint of menace. Can’t beat a good drystone wall !


  3. Even friendly cows can be dangerous. If they decide to lean on you in a confined space it can be fatal. I remember, as a boy, a farmworker being killed during milking and he wasn’t found for some time so had been trampled to death. My Dad was also crushed and was in hospital for nearly six months. I still love cows!

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  4. Cows do look soft and gentle, but take a herd of heifers and throw in a dog or two and you have an angry posse chasing you across a field. I saw it with my own eyes as my mother grabbed our little dog and virtually threw herself over a stile. My mother had become separated from the rest of our party. The heifers weren’t interested in us, think it was the dog. The local Suffolk boy (elderly gent) with us laughed and laughed and declared the heifers were just being nosey. I have never forgotten it, my sister and I were terrified.

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    1. Gosh, I’d have been traumatised for life. Though I have a similar tale to tell about horses when my first two were very small. I’ve never run so fast with a small person in my arms!

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