Varied Viewpoints on a Murky Monday

I’ve woken up feeling unaccountably gloomy this morning.  Is it the fine but insistent rain?  Is it the spike in Covid figures that seems to presage what this winter may be like?  I don’t know, but Positivity seem to be called for, and a Virtual Day Out in the Sun.

Let’s go to the seafront in Barcelona, and have a look at a  very up-beat window with varied viewpoints.


Monday Window

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I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

39 thoughts on “Varied Viewpoints on a Murky Monday”

  1. That’s stunning! And a perfect foil to waking up gloomy. I hope your mood has lifted a little now, though of course the Covid figures can’t be ignored. I woke early to a mellow mist across the valley which put me in a very autumnal mood. This morning I finally got back to our online Cornish group after a prolonged absence and tomorrow (fingers crossed) we are going to the newly resumed socially-distanced in-person Cornish group (that’s a mouthful). None of which helps me to say ‘hang in there’ in Kernewek so I’ve said it in Sowsnek (English) instead! 😊 x

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  2. The spike in Covid figures is worrying. And we have a cough. Not continual and no high temperature or feeling poorly, but it is a little odd as the only place I come into contact with people is the supermarket, where we all wear a mask and keep our distance (?) of course… thing is if wearing a mask supposedly stops you from spreading/catching covid then surely the same applies to a cough or a cold? Just saying.
    Nice reflections BTW.
    Now where’s that bottle of wine?

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    1. Wine may have to be the answer for now. And colds? Well, they’re just a fact of life I think. You’re getting your annual cold in early, perhaps? It’s going to be a long hard winter ….


  3. Virtual days out in the sun really can help as diversions from any gloom. Great photo – the windows do an excellent job dividing the view up into such interesting panels, with a little help from you and your camera.
    Take care.


      1. You are so right, but I feel somewhat guilty admitting this as you are heading into shorter days. I suppose there is comfort to be found in hibernating-type things?


      1. I’ve just been reading the news, as we soon will rather need, as opposed to ‘just quite fancy’, to travel to Spain. International Driving License? Green card? Extra car insurance? Health insurance? Possible roaming charges? Still, if that’s what it takes to Take Back Control, it’s so worth it, don’t you think??


      2. Moving into a second wave now according to Johnson. This is such an apposite moment for hardball, ‘tactical’, endgame negotiations with the EU especially as the government looks like they are in total control of absolutely nothing!

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