A Day at the Seaside, British Style …

… involves …


Oh, and most importantly, fish and chips.

Staithes, North Yorkshire August 2020.

48 thoughts on “A Day at the Seaside, British Style …”

    1. The weather wasn’t so much fabulous as Bracingly British. Which was fine. Choose your destination wisely and a day at the seaside is a great option. Resorts are not ok!

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      1. Ah love a few bracing coastal days and away from the crowds too. We’ve found that a longish walk from the car park to any beach usually keeps the numbers down at the beach. Trouble is carrying the windbreak, blankets , water, food . . . . . etc.

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  1. Looks a lot quieter than down here! I remember those cliffs – my youngest two and I had to dodge rocks falling from them as we walked into the town from the beach (having walked from Runswick Bay) in the snow! Nice toasted teacakes and a mug of hot chocolate was our reward 🙂

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    1. Scarily, the rocks are still falling. More than Social Distancing required! I think that not having miles and miles of golden sand will always help Staithes remain civilised.

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  2. I loved Staithes the one time I visited it! Wonderful photos, especially the rock-pooling one. The wellingtons, the waterproof waders, the cosy jumper, the baggy nappy! Just like so many photos of my seaside holidays as a child and as a mum. I hope you are all well, Margaret?

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  3. Am I getting old or do fish & chips taste MUCH better out of vinegar soaked newspaper? LOL. I LOVE the British seaside, even in bad weather when we all grit our teeth in a force 10 gale and declare what a wonderful time we’re having! 🙂

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