A Flower (x 5): a Challenge (x 2)

Here’s a challenge for stay-at-home lockdown days.  In fact here are two challenges in one:

Right.  Well, I should take this seriously – I’m new to macro photography.

The garden’s ready and waiting.  That’s one thing sorted.  Tripod?  Well, I have a three-legged stool, and a pile of books so I can adjust the camera height – same thing really .

But the ground proves to be disappointingly uneven, and the slight breeze moves those cranesbill petals around.  The bees to whom I’d be happy to offer either a leading role or at least a bit-part are disappointingly uncooperative.  Maybe pick a few flowers and move indoors?

Card to display flowers on – check.  Tripod-substitute: one packet of tea and another book – check.  Nice even light streaming in through the window – check.  What could possibly go wrong?

So here we are.  Macro photos in the time of Covid 19.  Make do and mend rules.

Oh, and I thought I’d put the flowers in a bit of context and show them in our landlords’ garden.  We spend as much time there as they do.  Aren’t we lucky?



Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

45 thoughts on “A Flower (x 5): a Challenge (x 2)”

  1. I love cranesbills! (See – I was paying attention 😆 ) I’m also very envious. You get to enjoy that glorious garden without the work to keep it looking as it does?

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    1. Good girl. Go to the top of the class. Yup, you’re right. We have all the relaxation in a lovely space and none of the responsibility. We are the luckiest tenants … anywhere.

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  2. I love your make do and mend rules! This made me laugh 😂 And lovely results too. You can never have too many geraniums. Thank you for going to so much effort 👏

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  3. Loving all the improv for the tripod. In the spirit of the helping out fellow amateurs I once read that a child’s or pet’s small bean bag makes for good base when out and about without a tripod. And, indoors a cushion! Apparently, it’s all for the angling (not fish of course).

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  4. They are beautiful, inside or outside! I know whenever I get up close to a flower or leaf to do macro photography the breeze picks up. It’s sort of a given now.

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    1. Cee, I feel so bad that I just contributed via pingback – how rude! I meant to call by and comment, but I’ll be round later to explore all the contributions you’ve generated.


  5. Following on from another comment, if you haven’t got a little beanbag (like the ones we used to use at school in PE), do you have a wheat pack? Close-up and macro photos are fun, but I hardly ever have any luck at capturing a really good image. I’ll just have to keep trying I suppose!

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  6. Macro is not my thing either. It needs a lot of skill and kit to work really well. Wind, moving insects and small aperture all mean that extra light is often needed (and the tripod 🙂 ) And it also needs patience, and I am getting shorter of that as I get older!
    I have several tripods but don’t carry them often – but I know have a small one, about 15cm tall that is often shoved in my backpack.
    All that aside, I love that garden. You are lucky indeed. It puts my clover and buttercup lawn to shame!

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  7. Gorgeous blooms, Margaret. I was going to use close up as a theme for the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – will scratch that now as it is too close in time to the photo challenge you have pingbacked to. I love your makeshift tripod!

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