Barcelona’s Best Windows

This time last year, we were near Barcelona, me and my whole family, celebrating two significant birthdays.  What a difference a year makes.

This year, nobody’s travelling anywhere much, so I’m going on a virtual journey, to Barcelona and to one of my favourite destinations there, the Hospital de Sant Pau.  I’ve already written about it twice, here and here.  Today, let’s celebrate its vibrant, colourful windows, with glimpses of the glorious buildings that lie beyond.

Monday Window

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46 thoughts on “Barcelona’s Best Windows”

  1. That was my favourite site in Barcelona, thanks to Jo who mentioned it on her visit, but it was closed. My daughter and I got there at opening time on a Sunday morning and were practically the only people on site until we left a couple of hours later. I wrote loads of posts about it on travel words!

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    1. I know you did Jude – I read them and made links to them in one of my own posts. It’s our joy that the site still isn’t as overwhelmed by visitors (well, nothing is now of course) so we can take our time to appreciate it.

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    1. It is, but I’ve never managed to see it – peacefully. Sant Pau is getting better known all the time, but so far, it’s still a peaceful and uplifting experience.


      1. I remember it as peaceful around the edges, which probably equates to not all that peaceful. Mind you the cathedral was heaving – we decided not to queue for it, although that had been the idea.

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  2. I only discovered this place personally last year. I know Barcelona pretty well but haven’t been so much on the last 5 years, and the Hospital only open dup in 2014, I think. But now it’s at the top of my “visit every time” list. And such thought and planning went into that hospital, with the views considered an important element of the patients’ recovery. Has that ever been considered in an NHS hospital?!
    I love the top 2 shots through the windows – so clear.


    1. It’s a wonderful story. It wasn’t founded with public money of course, so perhaps the NHS comparison isn’t entirely fair. But it was incredibly enlightened – and no longer in daily use. A much more modern standard hospital building lies beyond.


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