That Wind Last Week

Beaufort Scale 8. Fresh gale at 62-74 kph (39-46 mph).

Twigs and branches break off of trees.

22nd & 23rd May 2020.

That wind!  It animates me – I feel alive, alert.

I need it to tug me, bend me. I want the battle. I’ll resist.

I step outside.  The wind slaps at me, stops my breath.

It whistles and whines through the trees, lacerating leaves.

Branches bend and bow – some break.

It soughs and snatches at the swishing grass.

Swifts swoop, scud, soaring at its will.

I feel its power.  I’m energised, excited, strong.



Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

29 thoughts on “That Wind Last Week”

  1. I love your use of words though I am quite the opposite from you and hate the wind, so tiring! One of the reasons I enjoyed being back in the UK in 1975 was the lack of wind compared to New Zealand. Sadly it has got windier here over the decades I feel.

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    1. I do understand why the wind isn’t for you, But last week the wind was warm and comforting I thought. Arctic winds might not be so welcome!


  2. Lovely sentiments. I used to find it all thrilling too, but now I look out the back window at my neighbour’s enormous eucalyptus and think if that comes down it will likely hit my house.

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  3. Such a strong post! I always worried greatly, living in Fra nce. Surrounded by many trees, it was always going to be a costly, and often a destructive act of force, these winds. I do love them, sitting safely inside, NOT having to fear ripping down of power lines, destruction of trees, shrubs, birds’ houses, etc. But I am not surprised that you like the fierce force of these elements!

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  4. Your wind was warm and comforting last week; ours was cold and fierce. We get a fair amount of windy days here but last week was strange. The wind didn’t belong somehow. Today we’re back to sunny skies and balmy breezes! All that said, I love your picture poem as much as the photographs and video 🙂

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  5. The wind didn’t seem to tear down many branches here, but was really throwing them around as your pictures show and it has removed many leaves. They were piled around yesterday when I went for my walk after the wind had dropped, which seemed weird – almost an autumnal feel before we have even had summer.

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    1. I don’t think we lost many branches actually, but the ‘green’ smell of the torn down leaves was quite something. And so many wild cherries littering the ground before their time!

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  6. Strong winds make me feel more terrified than energised. I worry about the roof, tall trees in the garden and when we lived on the boat, anchor drag. But maybe I’ll try to be more positive…

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