Roughly the Same Walk as Last Week …

… except the same walk is never the same walk.  Last week, Chris and I walked from Lofthouse to Ramsgill to Middlesmoor and back to Lofthouse.  On Sunday, we did the route again, joined by eight friends from our walking group.

It was less sunny. It was more muddy.  The intervening week had been largely dry and breezy: but before the walk, it had rained all night. It was a day to pick our way carefully through mud, artfully stamped with the outlines of sheep hooves, tractor tyres and farmers’ boots.

It was a day to notice dry stone walks, scabbed with moss and lichen.

Discarded bits of farmyard furniture and buildings.

Swollen streams, tumbling and scurrying.

All of these were subjects for Jude’s 2020 Photo Challenge, requiring us this week to look for texture – rough texture.

But it was  a day too for moody landscape.  Look!  I didn’t take this view over Gouthwaite Reservoir in black and white.  But where’s the colour?

View over Gouthwaite Reservoir.

And here – this rainbow appeared more than once on our walk that day, always elusive, always vanishing as we approached.

Join us.  It’s a virtual walk.  You won’t need to clean your boots at the end.

2020 Photo Challenge #10

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42 thoughts on “Roughly the Same Walk as Last Week …”

      1. I spent many hours looking for them, and often finding them, on the North York Moors, Margaret. 🙂 🙂 Off ‘oop north’ tomorrow with my wandering hat on. Take care!

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    1. I’ve just fished this comment of yours out of spam! Thank you. Yes, it’s astonishing how different these scenes can look from day to day.


  1. Those sheep….. they are gourmet and gourmands….
    Beautifully written and presented trip, great observations. It sees to me that your challenges online REALLY give you great brain food too, apart from the fun

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  2. So much to love here, you really have been observant, fabulous moody shot of the reservoir, gorgeous lambies AND you found a double rainbow! Lots of lovely textures, but I still loathe mud 😳

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    1. That reservoir shot was lucky, but I do like it. Remember I’m going for the sympathy vote with that mud, because I loathe it too, so highlighted its gruesomeness.


      1. I do sympathise, Margaret! I am facing having to look after my mother in her home as she self-isolates. I don’t suppose I will be out for very much longer as I am one of the at-risk people with asthma and I take a drug which lowers my immune-system. My husband is feeling very glum!

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      2. That’s tough. In comparison, I am lucky. Apart from my age, I am not at risk, and in some ways feel very fortunate. Good luck. We bloggers are quite good at supporting each other. Long may it continue!

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  3. Loved this walk and all the photos – so atmospheric and capturing different aspects of the walk and environment. The dry stone walls, lambs, streams, fields, rainbows, and the black-and-white colour picture … they all add up wonderfully and are great individually too. Took my mind off our enormous troubles too.

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