Pull up a seat…..

In the spirit of continuing to try to cheer us all up as Britain swirls inexorably down the plughole, here’s a photo I took exactly three years ago in Gyeryongsang, South Korea.  At least you might as well be comfy while waiting for a bus.


An entry for the Pull up a Seat Photo Challenge#38

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35 thoughts on “Pull up a seat…..”

  1. Oh wow at first glance I thought that’s outré for Yorkshire before I noticed the script. Actually, right now I think we could do with this and more across all parts of the UK.


  2. what a great pic for a great challenge title! Rather a nice sofa too. Comfortable, stylish and surreal all at the same time. Was it one of a kind or were there other examples? Did it go with the S. Korean psyche?

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    1. It really doesn’t! They’re tidy, conforming, and western type furniture has only relatively recently become a ‘thing’. Restaurants still often seat you on the floor at very low tables, for instance. As far as we were concerned, this example was unique.


    1. It does snow, so I’m told. And this is in a mountainous area. I don’t know how long that sofa had been there, or if it’s still where we saw it.


  3. The romantic in me is touched by this wonderful kindness.
    The pragmatic in me is wondering how it’ll survive the rain.
    And the less than eagle-eyed in me is wondering what’s on the sign to the right of the bus stop?


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