Peace in the Garden

We’ve had Team London here this week: an engagingly exhausting three year old and his baby sister make great company, but we’ve had a tendency to disappear to our beds not long after they do, and be snoring sweetly by 10.00 o’clock at the latest.  However, in among exploring York, farmyard life, a canal, and the Wild Woods at the bottom of the garden, we had a day at Harlow Carr, the RHS gardens in Harrogate.

It provided William with plenty of Things to Do Before he’s 11 3/4:  roll down a hill; go barefoot; watch a bird and have fun with sticks for instance.  He and Zoë were very happy.

But for us, despite their bright enthusiasm for all there was to see and do, it was a green oasis, a haven of peace.  We were content, strolling along the quiet paths, or beside a stream, sharing our space with bees, butterfies and birds.

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My entry for today’s Ragtag Challenge: Peace

32 thoughts on “Peace in the Garden”

  1. Beautiful. I’m craving peace at the moment, after a full-on fortnight bringing my parents to stay with us here. A successful if exhausting venture, just need to sit quietly and recover for a while!

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  2. In the hectic week with Team G and Team H, I at least managed to get the 6 & 9 year olds standing still in the garden and hearing the blackbird singing and spotting him in the tree. Also my grandaughter watched the bees in the flowers. All the1&3 year olds wanted to do was water the rain sodden flowers!

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  3. Oh, to spend a summer day exploring nature. There is truly nothing like it. I am looking forward to #44 and looking for a pileated woodpecker today. I always love reading about your adventures. I know you are going to have a wonderful weekend.

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  4. Ooooh, first of all those precious photos! Made me think of our two visits of the Sissinghurst Gardens….. incredible beauty and charm, peace and wonders galore!
    Then, that one visit on Summer Solice’s Day – I was rather a bit sad, for the days to get shorter already – but the beautiful evenings will linger for much longer than we think…. Right now it’s already wahaaaayyyy too hot for this wilting flower here at the laptop! I love the sun but the sun def. doesn’t love me back – Have been hanging out washing since 8am and literally all of my 3 big washes is already bone dry…. I couldn’t sleep with the heat of the night and I looked through the tiny crack of my metal shutters – my heart nearly stopped – a miraculous scenery of red, gold, orange, some grey, some blue – a cloudy, sunny, already hell-hot promising early morning…. the birds were waking up too and started their chorus – I only wished to be able to sleep a bit more!

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  5. …. sorry, and not to forget (impatient digit!) to thank you for showing your grandkids how beautiful and manyfold nature is – so important and character forming!

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    1. How annoying! I suddenly went off-line and my reply is lost. Ah well. We were only talking about Sissinghurst this morning. So far, I’ve never been. We must! But the fine weather is enabling us to get the bumper-loads of washing after the family visit out of the way, and it’s never so fine here that the nights are too hot. Maybe you should just give in, get up, and enjoy the sunrise!


  6. I’ve never been here or even heard of it…looks idyllic and somewhere I feel I should try to visit if I find myself in Yorkshire. It’s amazing how, even with other people around and children in tow, you can still find some peace. Have a great weekend.

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  7. It IS a special place, Clare. I do hope you get the chance to come. I’ll take you for a cup of tea at Betty’s if you do – but give me lots of notice, as I’ll need to save up… 😉


  8. It looks lovely and well worth a visit or many visits. I remember one time when it was featured on Gardener’s World when Matthew Wilson left Hyde Hall (RHS down my way) and moved up to Harlow Carr. I was struck by the discussion regarding rainfall and the meagre quantities at Hyde Hall compared to Harlow Carr. It certainly looks lush and verdant in your beautiful photos.

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  9. I love the first photo with the beautifully complex tree, and the others convey such a gorgeous gentle summery peacefulness. Definitely a place to go barefoot and roll down hills and watch birds and butterflies …

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