Hello, Boobie Tuesday.

Another update from my daughter’s long and exceedingly difficult journey from young widow to cancer patient to reconstructed survivor. You may have noticed that the more normal her life becomes, the fewer the posts …. so let’s hope it’s an even longer wait till the next one…..

Fanny the Champion of the World

A friend recently remarked that you’re all so heavily invested in my story that it would be only fair to let you see a picture of the new knocker. She’s probably right. So, here’s the result of my trip to the Build-A-Boob Workshop back on that Tuesday in late February. I’m actually quite proud of it – and, simply from a surgical perspective, it IS pretty impressive (in comparison with the flat-chested butchery which was there before, anyway). Unless there’s a market for MastectomyPorn™ – which, to be fair, there probably is somewhere – I guess this is only interesting to those who really care. So, here you go.

This is the norkitecture. My DIEP/TRAM autologous breast reconstruction, should you care to Google it (though readers of a nervous disposition may wish to look away now). No implants whatsoever. What little tummy fat I had has now been re-sited into…

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29 thoughts on “Hello, Boobie Tuesday.”

  1. Agree!!!! A thousand times. She‘s so ferociously courageous, really ‚funny‘ and strong. (And my comment would even have been first but for every blog I have to sign in anew, blxxy WP!!!)

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    1. You’re having a bad time with WP. Is there a setting you can change on your PC? Ellie is finally doing alright, as are the boys. At one level she always has been a fighter, but it’s been sooooo hard.


  2. I find myself hoping she’ll never write again, since that would mean she no longer needs to, but then I think how much I’d miss her candid, funny, great style! She’s a trouper!

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      1. Well, I definitely think so! She has valuable things to say and such a distinctive writing “voice.” But can she write when she happy and content? I wonder if she’s tried. . . .

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  3. What a courageous story to tell, and told so well too. The perfect mix of fact, humour, raw honesty, and, dare I say it, a little titillation. It looks as if the surgeon has excelled.
    As others have said, it would be nice to have no further story to tell because of complete and utter success. I wish that, but I also wish to see more of this marvellous writing.

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    1. Oh, Kathryn, thank you so much. She’s a toughie, she’ll survive. And as for Malcolm – slowly but surely upwards. The immediate consequence for him is – no more anti-Brexit campaigning. Too stressful.


  4. Oh Margaret I am very taken aback at how tough this is for your daughter, but her courage shines on, and its good that she has loving support as she progresses after the surgery. This is hard for you too especially at the same time as you have your worries about Malcolm having been so ill. Good that he too is recovering, though I guess it feels frustratingly slow at times. However, I hope he accepts that he is very busy getting better, and he has to rest to do that!
    As for Brexit, being so far away, I have stopped looking for now (like the proverbial ostrich). It makes me too anxious even from here – and whatever will be or won’t be will happen (or not happen), as the case may or may not be. So difficult when the nation and the parliament is so split …

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    1. Ellie’s making good progress, in all ways. I hope easier times are on the way. Malcolm too is doing quite well. The person who seems to be taking several backward steps is me! But both of us, particularly Malcolm, have put Brexit on the back burner. It’s definitely done him no good at all. You can read all kinds of evidence that Brexit fears have impaired the physical and mental health of many in the last couple of years. So we’ll give it all a miss, at least for now.

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      1. I hope easier times are on the way for all of you. The fears surrounding Brexit are awful and I have read how the uncertainties are impacting on so many lives. But somehow one has to try to balance all that out with the things that are restorative. I hope that as Malcolm recovers and as the days lengthen you are able to relax a bit more and enjoy nature and the other things that bring you some joy in your beautiful part of the world. Thinking of you.


  5. Bloody hell, she’s brave. It must be hereditary. Your family has really been through the wars – I hope Ellie and Malcolm (and you and the children) continue to push through to a happier, healthier place. Warmest best wishes to you all. Lx


  6. Wow, an amazing story of agony and hopefully ecstasy to follow, from a very determined and courageous lady.
    Does she ever cease to amaze you?

    Hope Malcolm is still on the mend and enjoying the Spring weather.
    And yes we did return from Spain despite your advice not to! Hah 🙂 🙂 x

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    1. Well Joyce. What can I say? Barmy. Quite barmy. Malcolm’s not doing too badly thank you. And Ellie is doing even better. Yesterday marked exactly a year since she ran her one and only Marathon! Hope to see you soon for travellers’ tales! x


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