Ragtag Saturday: Where did I put that glove (x 11)?

I’m incapable of hanging onto winter accessories.

My drawers are stuffed with odd gloves, almost exclusively left-handed.  I only buy cheap pairs, because they rarely last longer than a month. One famous winter I lost one or both gloves from eleven pairs. I managed to hang onto the twelfth….

This year, I made a stand.  I spent four whole pounds on a  pair of leather ones from a charity shop and vowed I would not lose them.  Shhhh.  So far so good.

So this year, I’m losing hats instead.  Three down, one to go…..


This is my entry for today’s Ragtag Challenge: Lost

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39 thoughts on “Ragtag Saturday: Where did I put that glove (x 11)?”

  1. Perhaps a 5 foot length of elastic down your sleeves? You’d be in good company, it’s how the article explorers hang onto their gloves. (As well as 5 year olds).

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  2. Another option is a few pairs of ambidextrous gloves that are all the same colour. So the spare lefts can be worn on the right….

    Sorry to be flippant, I’m in good spirits as we’re just off to Laroque for the week.
    Kev & Liz

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  3. My experience this winter is very similar. And oddly, I have helped numerous people who have dropped hats or gloves in front of me and toddled off until I called out. I really miss my ridiculous blue hat with a bobble and ear flaps. It was so warm and it made passersby smile.

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  4. So funny, and so common! I don’t know anyone who lives in a colder climate who hasn’t lost at least ONE pair of mittens or gloves. There must be a huge lost-and-found office somewhere that is used exclusively for mitts and hats 🙂

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      1. My skiing gloves are Children’s because I have small hands and they’ve got elastic to go round my wrists and keep them on – brilliant, I can take them off on the lift to redo my lippy and not lose them.


  5. So irritating when one mislays/loses such things as gloves. I suppose it’s too cold where you are to use fingerless (or Fagin) gloves or mittens that you don’t need to take off so often? Reduces the losing opportunities somewhat. I am totally devoted to mine in winter and mostly mislay them in my pockets so they are later found.

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  6. Here is another one to loose gloves all the time. I think one of the reasons is that we need to pull them off our fingers for something or other and then our fingers are so cold and stiff that we don’t realise that the one glove has fallen to the ground….. Or that’s the official explanation I’m giving!
    For me really annoying is the loss of leather gloves and I lost quite a few single ones. I need fine and flexible ones for driving and I think they fall to the ground when I get out of or in the car. I can’t explain it. I also put them on to scrape off the ice on the windshields and side windows and – just like that – I can’t find a single pair of them – I lost ONE green, one red, at least two black and a brown one over the years. I always kept the other glove in case of a miraculous retrieval but to no avail. I’ve given up….. I’m now driving with frozen fingers! 😉

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  7. I have never lost anything in my life, I once thought I had lost a watch but when I went back over events I realised it had been stolen. However recently I seem to have misplaced a rather wonderful pair of kid gloves, I have been looking everywhere for them and am very loathe to admit I have lost them. Sadly it is looking as if I will have to admit defeat and but a new pair.


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