Ragtag Saturday: Abstract moon, abstract bubbles

We travelled to London for Christmas quite late in the day on the 22nd.  The moon was all-but full as it rose, at first barely peeking over the tree tops before eventually soaring high above us, in a clear black sky. I tracked its progress.   Only my phone was to hand, but rather than lamenting the poor quality of these images, I liked the somewhat abstract quality they had.  Here they are.

Then the next day, off we went, with Tom, Sarah, William and Zöe, to the Natural History Museum.  More fool us for assuming it would be nearly empty so near to Christmas time. Outside though, was a man with a bucket of soapy water, and a couple of sticks linked with string, intent on play.  He made bubbles.  Lots of bubbles.  I loved the abstract play of soft pinks and blues and sinuous curves set against the clean lines of the museum buildings beyond.

Here then is my contribution to today’s Ragtag Challenge: Abstract.

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I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

18 thoughts on “Ragtag Saturday: Abstract moon, abstract bubbles”

  1. We were horrified at how busy Leeds was in the shopping centres, but as you saw it wasn’t hard to escape the crowds. We spent a couple of hours going back in time in the City Museum and by the canal, of course. Skies weren’t always blue but we had happy time with the family, and that’s what counts. It’s a strange time of year to be far from home. Wishing you all you wish yourself, Margaret! On we go! 🙂 🙂

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    1. I know. I can barely cope with Leeds any more. I’ve turned into Country Mouse. Even Harrogate is too much now. Back to Portugal soon? We’ll be in Spain with daughter by the weekend. Hooray!


      1. Came back on Friday, and had our first ever New Year’s celebration in Tavira last night. 🙂 🙂 Followed by a glorious sunny day today. Met up with a handful of walkers by the salt pans this afternoon. A good walk, coffee, cake, sunset… 🙂

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  2. You’re right – the photo quality is dismal – and I experienced the same effect on the pics I took with my really, really, cheap and basic phone camera – the effect of the pics having a feel of abstract interest, bold, ‘terrible’ colours, water-painted effects…. and I think you created an excellent combination here… A real ‘Margaret’!!!

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