Yesterday, I published a post about My Old Notebook.  It got plenty of readers, so I was a bit puzzled not to get any comments from the usual suspects, or indeed from anybody at all.   Dan Drews of Life as I See it with One Eye Closed – thanks Dan – told me that somehow, comments have been disabled.  I’ve been battling with WordPress Help to get to the bottom of this, and …. I’m stuck.  Are any WP users able to help?  Comments are still open on my previous posts, which is how Dan made it through, as I assume they’ll be closed on this one too.  Grrr.

22 thoughts on “Help!”

  1. Hi Margaret, comments seem to be working. I assumed you must have turned the comments off because you were busy and weren’t able to answer them. Maybe you accidentally turned comments off for the ost before you published it? Anyway, you can now officially say, “Ï’m back.”

    PS. That was a very interesting notebook. Unfortunately, my shoes still need a polish. 🙂

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  2. Thanks Tracy. But they’re still not back for the Notebook post. I certainly didn’t turn ‘comments’ off deliberately – I wouldn’t know how – and that’s why I can’t turn them back on. Come on girl, get out your treacle and your fuller’s earth!


  3. I’ve sometimes found that your posts won’t let me comment even when the box is visible. As this seems to be working… yesterday’s post was intriguing. I love the way a few edible recipes – like peppermint cordial – are squeezed in among the varnish and the cattle cures. Do you have any clue to whose notes they were?

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    1. I’ve no real idea. My best hunch – and it is only a hunch – is that it may have belonged to the Mason family, going back down the female line. For some generations they were blacksmiths in Whixley, a village with which I have no connection, but which is not far from here.


      1. I guess basic veterinary medicine and blacksmithing may have gone together at one time. Any cobblers in the family? That shoe polish recipe would make industrial quantities!

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    1. I was irritated too, and especially because I still can’t get to the bottom of it. That handwriting is often hard to decipher: I can’t get to the bottom of several recipes either. Though I wasn’t really planning on emmbarking in any of them 😉


  4. Glad your comments are back, even though it is frustrating not to know how it was disabled in the first place. I was fascinated to learn the origin of “ivory black” from your interesting notebook. Reading a bit further about ivory black’s use as a pigment, I was amazed to discover that bone char (related in a way to ivory black) was/is used in the sugar refining process! Interesting how finding out one thing can lead to another.

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