Ragtag Tuesday: Clouds

I’ve had a black cloud sitting over my head for weeks. Brexit; the parlous state of British politics; the recent visit of a certain Head of State; the current hostile environment for immigrants – you name it. I’m not sure that there has ever been a time when external events over which I have little control have so got me down.

So thank goodness for white clouds: the ones that accompany long sunny days, blue skies and outdoor pursuits. Stratus, cumulus, cirrus, cumulonimbus …. the very names are rhythmic and poetic, and watching them as they drift, mass, diminish and dissolve is the perfect way to calm a troubled, anxious mind. Hooray for actual, rather than metaphorical clouds.

Clouds above Reeth, North Yorkshire on a walk last week.

Click on any image to see full size.

Clouds‘ is this week’s Ragtag challenge.

31 thoughts on “Ragtag Tuesday: Clouds”

  1. Every time I listen to UK news (and we still do) I’m not sure I haven’t tuned in to some badly written, over dramatised soap opera. It’s no wonder you feel black clouds are constantly with you. I know that we are going to face issues here at some point but I really don’t regret our move. But still love seeing your very English photographs.

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  2. Love your pictures! Imagine my emotions today as a citizen of that country who sent its Head of State over for a visit! I think it is so interesting that my reaction is also to go outside to see what the real world, sans the human drama of news and politics looks like. It refreshes me and gives me hope. I have decided to open a new Facebook page that will force me outside even in the rain, sleet, and snow. I will name it “Focus on Nature and Things Worth Caring About”. So, I am off for a walk!

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    1. yes. we were just talking about this this morning, how important to connect to the real world and beauty of the planet despite the craziness of politics and the embarrassment of the US (aka 45).

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  3. Sadly, lots to be anxious about and not likely to dissolve like the wonderful clouds in your photos. I am struck by how dry the landscape looks, so perhaps you will be hoping for rain clouds soon?

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    1. Well, I’m currently in London where the parks have taken to using coir matting instead of grass I think. However, back in Yorkshire, there is thunder and lightning…. and water shortages.

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  4. Oh yes I am all for any real clouds at the moment, but no thank you to the metaphorical ones. For a little light relief have you seen the image doing the rounds of social media with ‘the orange one’ leading Oftrump up a grand flight of stairs? An image Gillray would have been proud of. 😉

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  5. What’s that old curse? “May you live in interesting times”? These times are WAY too interesting for my taste. Interesting and horrifying and, as an America, downright embarrassing. Your photos leaven the mood some–I especially like the one through the fence.

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  6. ‘May you live in interesting times’ … a phrase used frequently in this house to end yet another conversation in which we fail to grasp the many and varied absurdities in the world at the moment.

    As for your choice of word this week, Margaret – yet again a perfect choice. It’s actually quite eerie, seeing the words you are choosing. I have accepted that for the moment I can’t write – nothing publishable at least. It will pass. But snippets, fragments, jottings…. what I would be writing about if I could: serried swallows, dappled hedgerows and in the last day or so – clouds. In fact, I just wrote a much longer sentence here and realised that I was WRITING! And now it’s turned into a post, hurrah! Thanks for your inspiration!

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    1. And thank you! It’s always good to read your writing – yours is one of the blogs I always turn to, no matter what as I so enjoy both the style and content. Keep ‘scribbling’ (our writing group is called The Scribblers…)

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  7. B. Brecht once said: wahrlich wir leben in finsteren Zeiten …
    Wonderful capture, Margaret. In a way, I’m very happy to live without a telly those days. I must admit, I watch German and Norwegian news on the net. I feel SO sorry for America, but then again I know SO many over there who all voted for what they got. As for Brexit, I’m at loss for words for the turmoil it has brought us. We love living in the UK. Sigh.
    Warm greetings from very dry North Norfolk. Xx

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