Little Switzerland in Germany

Our time in Germany was billed as a walking holiday with added culture. It’s turned out to be a cultural holiday with added walking. Which is perfectly fine. Just let me show you a couple of shots from our walk today, in an area known as Little Switzerland. Hilly, forested, with flower-strewn meadows, and birdsong, always birdsong, this is easy, relaxing walking country.

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16 thoughts on “Little Switzerland in Germany”

      1. I may get around to a post where my pictures don’t capture what I want to show. It’s frustrating. But I am quietly glad that there are still places where we really have to see them for ourselves to get a real understanding of them. You have been showing us an area that I have no knowledge of whatsoever and it’s been fascinating. It seems like a beautiful and gentle forgotten corner of the world, filled with history and quirkiness and everywhere, that wonderful lush greenery. I would love to visit! 🙂

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  1. I can’t recommend this area too highly. Uncluttered, unspoilt, with fascinating culture, great countryside, and a real chance to relax, even while being busy with all the area has to offer.

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  2. They DO look a bit like parts of my home country…. but then they also don’t! It’s difficult to explain – we have such an incredible variety of landscapes, lakes, rivers, mountains, hills, cities and small villages, and the people who go with it 😉

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    1. I must say, it didn’t look remotely like Switzerland to me, though since posting those photos, we did see much hillier and rockier places than I had seen that day. Not Switzerland then ….. but very nice in its own right. There is a part of Leeds, big city Leeds, called Little Switzerland, full of suburban semis. Now that IS hard to believe.


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