Snapshot Saturday: a sunny face in the crowd of snowdrops

In the woods beyond our house it’s impossible to walk without risking crushing snowdrops beneath our feet.  They’re everywhere.  They thrust through the ivy, the mosses and last autumn’s fallen leaves, promising longer days and new life.

But they don’t prevent quite everything from getting a look in.  Just occasionally, a few aconites muscle in, their sunny faces a contrast with that crowd of snowy-white blooms.

A response to this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge: A Face in the Crowd. I haven’t really stuck to the brief:

‘Create an image that represents being “a face in the crowd.” Explore silhouettes, shadows, orientation, and other ways to mask your subject. As you hide the defining characteristics of your model, notice which traits continue to stand out.’  I haven’t learnt not to be shy about including solitary strangers as I point my lens.

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Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

33 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday: a sunny face in the crowd of snowdrops”

  1. This is such an unorthodox and yet beautiful of representing the Photo Challenge “A FACE IN THE CROWD”. And I love the way the yellow aconite stands out in stark contrast to the crowd of snowdrops.
    Also, you said about the snowdrops being so ubiquitous in the woods near your house that it’s impossible to walk without crushing them under your feet. I’d really sad to thread upon them, they look lovely. I’d probably take some different route to save the beauty(if that’s possible. ha ha)!

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      1. Ha ha! Something I never manage to do: watch every step of mine while walking!! Why? Well, apparently I happen to be too busy with or it’s just that I am always in a hurry! HA HA HA HA!!!

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  2. For a garden lover, it’s the perfect response. Flowers are at their best as faces in the crowd.

    Your response to my awaiting snowdrops post a week or so ago prompted me to get out and find some snowdrops. Now I hope this one will prompt me to share a few pictures. Did you happen to see the most watched feature on the BBC News website – ‘Are you suffering from galanthomania?’ – I don’t click on videos but I suspect they might think we have it.

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  3. What a lovely interpretation of this week’s challenge. Very nice of you to think of your snowdrops as you walk through the backyard. They do look like are drooping down, but I like to think that they are very humble flowers 🙂

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  4. I always look forward to your interpretation of these challenges because you tend to go a different route than would seem obvious! This post is a perfect example! All those sweet little flowers . . .

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  5. Wow, it’s amazing that snowdrops are everywhere there. Around here they are only found in flower beds (and they tend to be a relatively expensive bulb to purchase, so many people only have a few).

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    1. They are all over the place in English woodlands. Many places organise special ‘snowdrop walks’ at this time of year, but we’re lucky enough just to have to step outside and walk a few yards.


  6. I also found the theme of this week’s challenge difficult to meet, and I really like your response. Snowdrops have a special kind of aura, and the contrast with the yellow flowers (I am not familiar with aconites) really enhances both.

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  7. There’s a place called Kiplin Hall, not far from Richmond in Yorkshire, that has a lovely snowdrop walk and there is usually an almost equal number of aconites. Love your interpretation, Margaret. 🙂 🙂

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  8. I love your little aconite faces in the crowd of snowdrops! I can’t get aconites to grow in this garden whereas in one of our former gardens, a mile and a half from here, the aconites swarmed all over the place! I like their frilly green collars! You are fortunate to have so many snowdrops growing wild a few steps from your home.

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  9. Oh my, I am so envious of where you live! All those snowdrops! We do have them wild although this year has not provided as good a show as last year. I love them. I also love aconites – but I’ve not seen any here so far. I planted them in our old garden and loved their cheery faces when they opened. I agree with your other commentators – an original, perfect and very topical interpretation!

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