Snapshot Saturday: up – and down – in the Yorkshire Dales

If you go walking in the Yorkshire Dales, you won’t avoid a few ups and downs.  And not just the hills either.  There’s a small matter of stiles to be climbed to get over all those drystone walls.

Near Kettlewell, Yorkshire.

This post is in response to this weeks WordPress Photo Challenge: Ascend

14 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday: up – and down – in the Yorkshire Dales”

  1. I walked near Kettlewell while doing the Dales Way, but didn’t cross paths with your ladder stile; what a beauty! And to think, folks are replacing them with gates (or worse, diverting the trails around them). They add character, like a country pub.

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  2. My wife and I walked the Dales Way in 2008; chosen for it’s gentler terrain and variety of countryside. It will always be my favorite long distance path, though it’s changed in several places since then… “improvements.” We started in Ilkley (don’t forget a photo on the bench), which I’d recommend; then the suspense builds as you near Lake Windermere. Stand at the “other” bench when you’ve arrived, and look back… for me, all the memories came sweeping past like the wind. Fine days, never forgotten.

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    1. And lovely to notice you catching up with them. So glad for you that connectivity is restored. These walls are in no real danger, as the craft of building and repairing them is very much alive and valued – thank goodness!

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  3. Just wondering who is responsible for keeping the stiles in a usable condition, is it the farmers?? Beautiful rich greens in your photo – am trying to source a very similar moss colour in a flat emulsion. For some reason it is difficult to satisfactorily capture the greens of nature. I think might be something to do with natural outside daylight and the quality of interior light.

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    1. Yes, it’s the landowners who have to maintain styles, paths and so on, in recognition of the fact that the paths were probably there centuries before the landowners. Yes, green and blue are both very difficult, I find.

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