Snapshot Saturday: waiting for a fish dinner

Waiting.  That’s what herons do.  Ever patient, they stand in the shallows, or on a handy rock: maybe even in the low branches of a sturdy riverside tree.  Immobile unless frightened by the sight of a human passing too nearby, they’ll stand and stand until suddenly …..stab! That long spear of a beak plunges down and secures a fish dinner.

Here’s one we spotted on the River Wharfe near Grassington a few months ago.

A heron fishing on the River Wharfe.

This second photo is a bit out of focus, but I like it anyway. I took it only about a fortnight ago, walking along the River Skell one evening.  The heron cocked his head and regarded us with some interest.  He didn’t fly away, but looked at us looking at him.  That’s quite unusual.  In the end he flew off, empty-beaked.  Perhaps he hadn’t picked a good spot.

Heron on the River Skell.


This week’s WordPress photo challenge is ‘waiting’.  Apparently there is no challenge next week, so …don’t watch this space.

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17 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday: waiting for a fish dinner”

  1. We have a couple herons here and I love watching them fly by at twilight–they look prehistoric. My mother had one, in Florida, who would walk right into their lanai and take a hot dog out of their hands . . .

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    1. Wow. I never realised they could be so house-trained. We too have been watching one in recent evenings wheel over the pond , and plunge downwards in search of supper.


  2. Lovely. One of my favourite birds. Everything about them is inspiring. I have used their overall shape, their elegant, striking heads and their beautiful plumage patterns in my work. When they take off don’t they remind you of images of pterodactyls? You certainly can believe that birds evolved from dinosaurs.

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    1. indeed you can. They can be a bit scary around small children, but I do agree about their elegance, especially in flight, and their colouring. You must have the same astonishing skeins round your way too, I’m guessing?

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