End of Part Two.

New beginnings for Ellie and her boys. A special day.

Fanny the Champion of the World

Today marks 1172 days since cancer came into our family. 1168 days since my husband and I walked through the doors of this hospital, hand in hand, for the very first time.

Those doors were the last thing my husband saw of the outside world, before being wheeled into an ambulance and brought home to die. He said, at that point, that a bag for life would probably be an unwise investment.

Today, 463 days since my husband died, and 343 days since my own diagnosis, I walk out of the same doors once again, on my own, to the outside world, for what we all hope will be the very last time. To freedom. To our children. To countless more days.

Here, they’ve given me the most precious gift – my life, wrapped up in a metaphorical box with a bow, when my husband couldn’t even begin to pick…

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21 thoughts on “End of Part Two.”

  1. I cannot begin to imagine what a relief it is to know that Ellie is cancer-free! I hope she’ll keep writing on her blog–I would miss her view of the world . . .

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    1. Oh, I’m pretty sure she’ll keep writing. And even though her last day of treatment was scarcely unexpected, the news hasn’t really sunk in yet. Thanks for your continuing support.


  2. What a special day for you all. Fanny and the boys can begin to move forward to a cancer-free future. She is a remarkable and inspirational woman.

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  3. What a tremendous relief. So happy for you and for Ellie and her sons. Hopefully, they can start believing again and I hope they have a great holiday time together.

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