Spanish Views from Spanish Windows

This is my last post about Spain for a while, and it includes images from previous visits too. Browsing through my collection, I see that windows feature – a lot.

Views through, of, and reflected from windows; views through spaces that serve as windows; and finally, views of things outside windows (washing lines!) that have me imagining the lives lived behind them . You’ll see all of these here – mainly, but not exclusively from Barcelona.

But let’s start in Granada, at the Alhambra. This young woman was impossible to get out of shot, as she had to take a selfie from every angle. In the end, I decided to put her centre stage.

A real view from a real window: our go-to tourist attraction in Barcelona: the Modernista Hospital de Sant Pau.

I’m a sucker for reflecting windows. This high-end grocery store in Barcelona offered those reflections in bright light, as well as showing the goods on offer inside (this one’s for you, Becky)

More windows where it’s the reflections providing the views.

And now it’s time for those washing lines.

Two contrasting views through not-a-window: in a garden in the Jewish quarter, Córdoba: and at El Clot-Aragó station, Barcelona.

Finally – this isn’t a view through a window at all. But who could resist viewing this window in Barcelona?

An entry for Lens Artist Challenge #79: ‘A window with a view’,

and #January Light.

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41 thoughts on “Spanish Views from Spanish Windows”

  1. Wow; I do like that last one with the upturned chairs…. and I have tons of similar pics of mirrored views of important buildings, of washing in all colours and in ‘fantasy hanging’ – in short, this could be in rural France, downtown Zurich, anywhere in UK, Portugal or Spain….. love them all!

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      1. Who said they have tto be original?! They are lovely, they are what you see and I obviously too – so who are we to complain?! I have a few chairs I have no idea yet IF I can transport them to Switzerland and WHERE to stand them – ideas are forming in my head 🙂

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  2. Your posts about Spain have made me want to see more. I sadly admit that I have only been to a tiny part of this beautiful country (Madrid, Segovia, Toledo) and really do need to explore a lot more. Perhaps I can do that a little bit easier now I have my pod!

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  3. Building reflections, two for the price of one! That’s got to be good and often unexpected patterns are caught by the lens which we don’t always see with our eyes.

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