Snapshot Saturday: My focus – an Arctic tern: its focus? Me.

In my mind, I’m still on the Farne Islands.

This Arctic tern is directing its focus on me: am I a threat to her (his?) young?

I’m directing my focus on it.  Will it make a good picture?

It’s all so quick.  My shot’s a bit out of focus, and the wings are partly out of shot. But the clouds make a pretty decent frame.

So this might work for this week’s WordPress photo challenge: Focus.

18 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday: My focus – an Arctic tern: its focus? Me.”

  1. I think this is an amazing photograph! The tip of the camera and the fact that the wings are cut off give the photo a sense of movement and catch the chaos of the moment. Did the bird veer off right at the last moment? It looks like it’s ready to get right in your face.

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    1. Yup. It changed direction at the last moment. But I came home, as did others, with a hat suffering from multiple stab wounds. Instructions to wear a hat on the island should definitely be taken seriously!


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