Snapshot Saturday: rus in urbe*

I’ve been in London this week, spending each day with William, now almost two.

One of the things I love about being with The London Branch is the real connection with nature that’s to be had in Hither Green, part of busy multicultural Lewisham.

We’ve spent happy moments peeking out of the window watching the fox cubs playing and relaxing in the garden next door.

Virtually every day we go to one of the parks near their house. And the day before yesterday, this is what we saw.  A juvenile heron doing what herons have to do.  Fishing.

I saw this heron as a friend, a link with my more rural day-to-day life. You might think that’s a bit of a stretch, but perhaps he, like me, is a fellow country bumpkin among all these townies.

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is ‘friend’.

  • ‘country in the city’


32 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday: rus in urbe*”

  1. I can relate to that feeling of connection or friendship with representatives of a more natural or country life when in the so-called concrete jungle. It is remarkable how many wild creatures and fellow rustics do adapt to surviving in the city. Thank goodness for parks and gardens!

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  2. It’s odd, isn’t it, spending time in a big city when you aren’t used to it. I feel the same way, although I’d never really articulated it, when I go to Boston. I see mallard ducks there, in the parks, and feel less overawed by the city.

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  3. I know London is a big place, yet hoping you and your family are ok. Such a beautiful city my heart is broken to know what is going on. On a lighter note, your pictures are so nice. Hugs…

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    1. Thank you. My family was quite safe, thank you, though London Bridge is a station we use frequently, so it all seemed a bit too close to home. Manchester was my home for four years too, so yes, recent events are shocking and distressing. On a different note, you seem to have given up your blog. I hope this means that your other writing projects are going well.


      1. Thanking God you and your family are safe. My prayers are with all of Europe and the middle Eastern countries caught up in this. It breaks my heart. Well, I am back, hoping time allows me to get back in my routine. I had hoped to do more writing and in a way I was through work and a ministry but that is behind me now (not work – but my responsibilities in the ministry has changed.) So for good or bad – I am back to blogging. I really missed it and all of you, although I did try to stay in touch by reading your blogs often – love from across the pond!

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  4. I read somewhere that there are more foxes in towns than in the country! A strange state of affairs, but I can see that some food might be easier to come by in the towns than in the country. Love your photos of the urban wildlife!

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    1. Well, if you want to live off pizza crusts and greasy chicken bones with the odd bit of vindaloo thrown in, I guess townie dustbins are the place to look. But yes, urban foxes are omnipresent in their bit of London. The heron was definitely an added bonus.

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  5. Foxes always remind me of my father who every evening would make dog food sandwiches for a fox family who lived at the back of the house. They had the glitches siesta coats by the end of the winter!

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