Snapshot Saturday: a truly turbulent yet transient sunset

We had quite an arresting sunset the other night.  As with all sunsets, it was evanescent: here at one moment and gone the next.  I’ll show it to you at the end of the post, together with the rainbow that briefly accompanied it in a rainless sky.

That sunset though reminded me of another sunset, even more dramatic, which we experienced in France in February 2014.  Evanescent it might have been.  But it’s etched in my memory forever.

Sunset seen from the church at Laroque d’Olmes.
The moment is almost over.

Now then.  Here’s our English sunset, from just a couple of weeks ago.   Which do you prefer?

A response to this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge: Evanescent.

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30 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday: a truly turbulent yet transient sunset”

  1. The English one is beautiful, however I much prefer the French sunset. It’s striking and there’s a brooding, almost menacing quality to the image. I love the juxtaposition of the tree and the crucifix.

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  2. I can’t say I prefer one–any sunset stops me in my tracks and these are both fantastic, in very different ways! And I also like your alliterative title!

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  3. The French one has drama verging on the apololyptic , the English one is sublime and beautiful. I take the sublime any day! BTW caught the Nidderdale walk this morning on the radio, with the two vicars, sounded a super walk.


    1. The response has divided into nice gentle souls like you who like the English one, and Drama Queens like me who prefer the French one. But both were very fine sunsets.

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  4. Rather strangely this popped up on my phone as I was queuing for croissant this morning in Laroque. We arrived yesterday after 18 hours of driving, to glorious weather. Do miss meeting up with you though. Kevin & Liz


    1. We miss meeting you too, and France generally. But with all that’s happening with the family, it’s so lucky we came home when we did. Enjoy LdO and give it our love.


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