Snapshot Sunday: Relaxing on the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path

A moment of relaxation on the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path.
A moment of relaxation on the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path.

It’s said that if you walk every inch of the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path, all 186 miles of it, you’ll have climbed the equivalent of Mount Everest.  I can believe it.  No sooner have you climbed one limestone cliff than you’re plunging down towards a bay; up again to a volcanic headland; down again to an estuary, or to a beach frequented only by seals and seabirds.

We didn’t do all 186 miles when we were there two summers ago.  But we did enough to know that after a hard climb in bright sunshine with the wind behind us, we’d truly relax when we threw ourselves onto the springy turf to catch our breath and enjoy the seascape spread before us.

This week’s challenge is to respond to the word ‘relax’.  Look here to see more posts.

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I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

15 thoughts on “Snapshot Sunday: Relaxing on the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path”

    1. It’s not a competition – just a way of encouraging people to come up with an interesting photo. There are dozens of very different ideas that have already been posted.

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  1. Your photos and descriptions make me think of hiking in Cornwall, which is the only part of England I really know. And love! The photo of the feet and the view is a great choice for the theme.

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  2. I see that both you and Kerry were thinking of Cornwall. When we were on holiday near St Davids we also likened it to Cornwall and South Devon but without the crowds! The evidence of past industry is a similarity.

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