Small boy in the kitchen

playfood-008William has Christmas sorted.  He doesn’t know it, but he’s going to become a home-maker and possibly a shopkeeper.

By December 25th, William, my grandson, will be almost 18 months old. Time to learn how to keep house, then.  His parents are planning to give him his very own kitchen.  Here it is:

Play kitchen (IKEA Duktig)
Play kitchen (IKEA Duktig)

It’s very different from the affair my son and his sisters had when they were small.  Their appliances were fashioned from sturdy boxes and painted to look rather like the simplest of student kitchens.

His other grandparents are planning to stock this ultra-smart 2016 kitchen with pots and pans, teacups and plates.  And my son, William’s dad, remembered that when he was small, I supplied him with home made play-food.  He’s asked me to make a larder full for William.

So here we are.  For the past week or so, I’ve been kneading salt dough, and fashioning food of all kinds to bake in the oven, paint and then varnish.

If you call to see William in January, he may offer you a meal of fish and chips, sausage egg and chips (no fine dining here, I’m afraid) with oranges, lemons, apples or pears to follow.

Hmm. Pears proved tricky. But they look - slightly - better away from the glare of the camera.
Hmm. Pears proved tricky. But they look – slightly – better away from the glare of the camera.

If you want to cook instead, there are just potatoes, onions, leeks, mushrooms, tomatoes – cabbages are too unwieldy, peas too accident-prone.


I’ve had fun.  Let’s hope William enjoys his kitchen, and turns out to be as good and creative a cook as his dad – and mum – are.

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  1. Oh my goodness the fruits and all the food, they are amazing, what a lucky boy he is going to be and all done with so much thought and love, you are an inspiration. If only my children were either younger, as in they played with toy kitchens still, or older, as in they were even thinking about having their own children, then I would be baking away and making this. Alas, I know I have to wait a few more years at least!, perhaps I can find a friend who has a toddler!

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      1. Yep, my husband made a cooker out of the polystyrene packaging from an electrical item, it was just the right height for her. Her husband made a cooker for their son from a wooden box and painted black rings on it. It was around for a long time.

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  2. I love these – you’re going to have one very happy boy. My only mild concern is I couldn’t see a pie. Isn’t that part of the birthright of anyone with links to the North of England?

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  3. My grandson received a kitchen for Christmas about that age and he adored it. I like you, provided the food. But I bought it – lovely, sturdy, wooden food which he also loved. But not patch on your wonderful creations. Marvellous!

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  4. How clever you are and what fun it must have been to make! I think my younger sister had a cardboard box cooker and she was always playing with Mum’s pots and pans. I don’t think I ever played cooking or ever dared play with Mum’s utensils (I was the eldest). My ex-parents-in-law bought my elder daughter an enormous, brightly-coloured plastic kitchen with hob and oven and sink. She had plastic food and utensils and pans and goodness knows what else. She used to keep her soft toys in the oven (their house) and used to wear the eggs in her hair. The eggs opened and were hinged and clicked shut again. Not much, if any, cooking went on.

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  5. Oh how wonderful. What a lovely gift. I remember putting my daughter’s kitchen together on a Christmas Eve many years ago. She still has her kitchen, but she uses it to make all sorts of concoctions now. She’s on to creating science projects of slime from cornstarch and other household items. She occasionally cooks in our kitchen and is learning everyday. They grow up quickly. Have a wonderful week and Happy Thanksgiving.

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    1. Oooh, I LOVE slime cornstarch. Fascinating stuff. I’m glad her kitchen is still a place of discovery. Sadly for us, no Thanksgiving. It’s just a regular Thursday here. Never mind.


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