A tale of three cities


Since we left Busan, we’ve been doing our Grand Tour of Korea. We chose three cities:




Before my next post, will you make sure you can pronounce each one perfectly, so it doesn’t sound like any of the others?

Thank you.

The photo was taken en route from City One to City Two.

13 thoughts on “A tale of three cities”

  1. Your non-Korean speaking readers will not be able to pronounce these cities’ names without tuition, so please can you supply some before your next post so we can be properly prepared? Or perhaps the pronunciations are on the internet if you can guide us there – chop chop because we’ll be looking forward to reading your next post as soon as we can! How many more days are you in Korea?


  2. They all pronounce the same way to me but I can understand. My wife grew up in Versailles – but it’s pronounced Ver-sales! She lived near Russia – pronounced Rushie. Language is confusing, Econ in English. Keep posting and having fun.


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