The stimulus of tumuli

South Korea

If I take just one thing from our visit to Gyeonju, it’ll be this.

The busy town is broken up by expanses of parkland. In these parks are tumuli – large grassy mounds. Some are fairly small, some are enormous. Each one is the burial place of a monarch from the long-enduring Shilla dynasty, which lasted from 57 BC to 935 AD, or one of their family. Like the Egyptian pyramids, these mounds contained fabulous treasures: we’ll go and see some tomorrow.

For us, these mounds are striking enough, even without sight of their treasures. I wonder why they’re so little known outside Korea?

13 thoughts on “The stimulus of tumuli

  1. Wow, amazing although it does remind me of the Teletubbies landscape! I’m intrigued to see what treasures they found inside them!


  2. Margaret – I had never heard of them either. Part of the explanation lies in there is so much to know and the other lies in our Euro-centrist education, more so for me – American education is notoriously western centered – than you. I always fall back on the idea that I can learn something new every day. Thanks. I am sure the tour was amazing.


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