Cabin fever.

The rainy season still hasn’t stopped. It’s rained every day for over a fortnight now, except for one.  That was Friday, the day it snowed.  I had to come back from nearby Villeneuve d’Olmes at nearly midnight that day, driving at a stately 12 miles an hour along newly – and deeply – snow-covered roads.  The last bit was easy enough though.  I followed a snow plough.

So Sunday’s all-day walk was abandoned yet again.  There was heavy rain again this morning.  Nobody was leaving home except to collect the daily bread.  We had a back-up plan, we members of the walking group,  to begin walking at 1 o’clock if the morning’s weather was poor.  By 11.45, with the skies still black and full of rain we were all ‘phoning each other to say ‘No thanks.  Count me out’.

Except that at quarter to one, it stopped raining.  I decided after all to make a break for it (Malcolm stayed in front of the fire).  Maryse arrived at the usual rendezvous too, then Annick and Michel turned up.  Then Jean-Charles, Danielle and Marcel.  We’d all got cabin fever and we’d walk come what may.  We had three rain-free hours.  No country paths for us today: all sodden.  Strictly road-walking.  Snowy fields, snowy views across to the Plantaurel, a small lake, forest paths.  We had our ‘pause café’ at Fajou, with its 400 year old oak, and an apple tree just waiting for us to collect its windfalls.  Still no rain.  Still an hour’s walk to do though, so we didn’t stop for long, and continued onwards, enjoying the familiar landscape in its new white winter clothing

Back home, refreshed after a shower and a cup of tea, I leaned over to draw the curtains.  Of course I glanced out of the window.  You’ve guessed.  It was raining again

10 thoughts on “Cabin fever.”

  1. We’ve had a lot of rain but not without a break. It must have been lovely to get out in the fresh air after so long. Not surprisingly I’m quite encouraged by the snow!


    1. Driving back from Mireipoix today with mountain views for the first time in many days, we could see snow has come down well below the level of Montsegur. Not thick yet, but still….


  2. I bet that walk felt good! I feel as though I’ve been stuck behind a desk for days and am only getting an evening walk with Mortimer, in the dark with a torch. Would love some snow but so far only a couple of frosty mornings .


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