Danger Mouse: The Sequel

After my last post about Mr. Mouse, things went quiet.  Not quite quiet enough for Malcolm, who swore he could still hear scuttling in the wainscot.  I decided he was paranoid, as I’d gone on dusting surfaces with cornflour at night to track our intruder, and they’d remained undisturbed, just as the traps remained unbreached.

We’re getting a bit silly. Emily’s rat keeps popping up in odd places, because one of us has whisked it off there with the aim of making the other one jump.

Then this morning, two things happened.  A bag of walnut shells, bagged up and waiting to do duty as slug-deterrent on some outdoor pot plants, was found to be ripped and the contents spilled all over the kitchen.  Later, tidying the garage (which is next to the kitchen), I discovered a bag of foodstuffs I’d forgotten to unpack after a recent cooking atelier.  The lid of the baking powder container had been gnawed, and the bag and everything in it was coated with a thick dusting of powder.

That’s what Danger Mouse is capable of.

The other thing is…. we’ve both seen him.  And he’s not a mouse at all, but almost certainly a hamster.  Anyone lost one?

So while you’re thinking of what we should do next, why not watch an episode of that 1980’s children’s cartoon Danger Mouse (or Dare Dare Motus, if you’re French), the James Bond of the mouse kingdom ?  Just click the link.

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