Once upon a time, in Benac….. Le Cami des Encantats

Today we visited Benac, one of those  small and almost picture-postcard-pretty  villages outside Foix.  I think it’s unlikely that too many horny-handed sons and daughters of toil live there these days.  Too many freshly painted facades and cheery boxes of geraniums at the windows. Too many sleek and highly-polished cars.

But once upon a time it was a busy working community. For the last few years, every summer the villagers here and in nearby hamlets arrange carefully constructed and dressed figures into appropriate corners of both village and countryside.  These figures celebrate the way of life that persisted here – and throughout France – for centuries, and only died out some time after the First World War.  They call the paths you follow to hunt out all these scenes Le Cami des Encantats: Occitan for something like the Enchanted Pathways.  Come with me and take a look.

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4 thoughts on “Once upon a time, in Benac….. Le Cami des Encantats”

  1. Oh what fun. The shepherd looked a bit scary but his sheepdog looked very primped. We saw something similar to this in the States once, but it was a misty autumn day and all a little disconcerting. We didn’t hang about.


    1. Oh no, the shepherd was quite a genial old buffer really. I left out the young lovers though: he seemed far too careworn to be in love.


  2. Thank you!! We went this lunch time and took a picnic. It really was enchanting and easy to mistake the occasional “real” person for another statue.


    1. Oh sorry! I forgot you said you’d be here. After all, we still are, but only just. But you sound as if you’re managing without us just fine. Yes, I kept on apologising to statues I nudged against too. Durr.


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