‘East, west, home’s best’

When guests come to stay, Malcolm and I often pore over maps looking for some unexplored – by us – corner of our patch.  But in the end, what’s the point?  Our visitors aren’t sickly pale wraiths whose jaded walking appetites have to be tempted by novelty.  They’re happy with the solid day-to-day fare just a mile or two down the road. To them, in any case, everything is new.

We too are happy to revisit favourite walks.  They’re never the same.  The changing seasons bring different flowers, different cloud formations.   Mountains which perhaps were sparkling bluish-white last time we visited, turn green and purple towards summertime with just the odd small patch of snow near their summits.

Today, then, we went with Christine to visit our old friend Roquefixade, just a few miles away.  A steady climb through the juniper-scented woods and along a rocky ridge leads to a ruined château, once far above us, now somewhat below. Here it is.  Enjoy the views.  We did.

3 thoughts on “‘East, west, home’s best’”

  1. Do you know how dense I must be Margaret? I’ve been squinting at your photos for weeks now muttering “why can’t they be bigger?”. And now I’ve found the secret – and they are stunning enlarged.


    1. Thank you! I expect you’ve discovered too that you can view galleries as slide-shows if you want. But really, now that you have 2 sets of ‘virtual’ friends at opposite ends of the Ariège, I think you should come and check out the views for yourselves.


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