The tale of the cherries and the peach

While we were in England in May, Léonce wrote and said the local cherry harvest had been and gone.  The fruit, thanks to the early heat wave, was wizened, dry, and had peaked far too early.  We wrung our hands in displeasure at having missed the offerings from the two mighty cherry trees in our garden, and tried to forget about it.

On Tuesday, when we got back to Laroque, I went to the garden.  And there were our trees, branches grazing the ground with the weight of their fruit.  I started to pick.  Five minutes later, it was raining.  Stair rods.  I scuttled home with some treasured cherries.

Wednesday morning dawned clear after a rainy night, and straight after breakfast we were up at the garden with buckets, eager to pick all that lovely fruit.  Almost every single cherry had turned mouldy overnight.  We managed to pick a few, half a bucketful.  But back at home, they didn’t stand up to close inspection and we had to discard almost all of them.  So that was that.

Now for the good news.  In early spring, we bought a peach tree.  We planted it. It prospered.  It flowered.  To give it the best start in life, so the tree would give its energy to putting down roots rather than nourishing its fruits, we removed every single blossom.  Or so we thought.

When we went out to see our little tree on our return, this is what we found.

We ought to pick it and throw it away I suppose, but we haven’t the heart.  Come and visit us in August, and you might get a bite of our very first home-grown peach

4 thoughts on “The tale of the cherries and the peach”

  1. Nice to hear you’re back: I thought you might have gone back north for good. Our cherry tree was at it’s peak during our visit towards the end of May and it became a house rule that no-one eft the table withour eating what I deemed to be their fair share of cherries. To echo another correspondent you’re welcome to stay with us en route to Dover, we’r only an hour away and Battle’s a nice plavce to visit in its own right. We hope to be back in early August with the Penang contingent.


    1. That’s so kind, and we’ll certainly bear it in mind. The next UK sojourn may be later July/early August, and now we no longer have to lug stuff back and forth, we might try to fly next time. But it sounds as though you have an extremely busy summer in any case. Would love to see Battle at some point though


  2. PS sorry for the typos, I’m getting to grips with a new lap top and the keyboard reacts very differently to my old one!


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