That Wedding

I’m not a big fan of Prince Philip.  But he was right on the money when he declared to Marc Levy, author of ‘«Elizabeth II, la dernière reine» that  ‘You French are frankly funny.  You adore the monarchies of the rest of us, but got rid of your own.’

William-and-Kate-mania can’t be escaped by simply fleeing across the channel this week

Last week for example I noticed a French magazine headline that suggested some 14 million French will be glued to their sets to watch That Wedding.  The Prince and his bride-to-be have already had a big chunk of TV air time, and just look at this week’s schedules:

M6 kicks off on Thursday evening with a three and a half hour marathon, but Friday the 29th is the day those 14 million French take the phone of the hook, kick off their shoes and hole up on the sofa.  Here’s their schedule:

TFI: 9.30 – 14.45
France 2: 9.15 – 13.45
M6: 9.00 – 17.35 ( that’s 5 programmes all about the couple, one after the other)
W9: 20.40 – 1.50.

Actually, I would have been quite interested to watch for a bit, to see how French and British coverages compare, but we’ve chosen that day to arrive in England, confident that the usually busy roads will be traffic-free.  We’ll be glad too to escape the constant questions.  Being British does not make us Royal Experts, but our neighbours are remarkably slow to catch on.

6 thoughts on “That Wedding”

  1. Salut! Good to hear you will be driving back on 29th – I also assumed roads will be quiet and am driving to Cornwall that day. Will you be around for long? Would be so good to catch up 🙂


    1. I meant to write when you signed up the other week. Thanks! We’re not sure how long we’ll be. It’ll be odd not having somewhere we can call ‘home’, but we do have lots of things to do. So….we’ll be in touch if we can. Hope life’s OK with you at the moment.


  2. I will be glued to my set and wish I was able to be back in the uk for the buzz. However I am getting pretty sick of being asked the same questions every time I go into a shop in France. I can’t answer all your questions and actually I just want some break. And yes our French guests still ask us questions about Diana.


    1. You make me feel a real grouch! But I really am indifferent to the whole thing, and I’m REALLY glad I’m not there this week for all the pre-wedding fever. But, sincerely, I hope you have a fun Friday. xx


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