Getting in touch with our inner magnolia

Here we are, still in Harrogate.  We’ve given up trying to sell the house.  Perhaps we could rent it out instead?

The Letting Agent called round to give advice.  ‘Hmm.  You’ll find neutral colours are best on the walls’.  So this month is devoted to making the house not neutral, but bland.

Wedgwood blue, sunshine yellow, saffron orange, Moroccan red – all need to go, in favour of  – magnolia.  Well, we could have chosen barley white, walnut whip, almond blossom, Jersey cream…………, but they’re all much of a muchness, and magnolia was on offer when we went shopping for paint.

And what you need to know is that we can’t stand painting, neither of us.  Any dispacement activity will do.  Washing up?  Great! Cleaning the bathroom?  Wonderful!  When we do finally get started, we try so hard only to look at our watches once an hour….and then discover 10 minutes has passed.  We thoughtfully offer to make each other cups of tea at every opportunity, and consider it important to empty our bladders before there could be any possible discomfort.  We climb down ladders to go and inspect each other’s work, brush stroke by brush stroke, and really, it’s a miracle that we have in fact managed to paint 2 whole rooms since Wednesday.  That’s partly thanks to our friends in LETS.  You don’t know about LETS?  You will.  To be continued , perhaps not in my next, but some time in the near future

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