Ça y est – we have wood!

….as you can see.  And it all had to be moved today, off the street, through the house, and into the woodstore.  Using a calculation from an American site, it seems we have probably moved in excess of 10,000 lb. of weathered oak.  ‘We’ being me, Malcolm-the-convalescent, and our lovely friend Martine, who dropped in to say ‘hello’, saw what we were doing, and rushed straight home to change into grot gear and come back to help.

But we’re happy.  2 ‘piles’ of oak- 8 cubic metres – should keep us cosy through all of this winter, and the next one too.  And in case you’re wondering, this wood came courtesy of a farmer in Ventenac, about 8 miles from here, via le bon coin.  So we peasants DID need the internet, after all

6 thoughts on “Ça y est – we have wood!”

  1. Have been following the wood saga with interest as we were once so low on supplies that we went out and scavenged; not sure how legally! I’d not heard of le bon coin but I’ll store it in the memory banks for future use.


    1. Goodness me! Scavenging is a way of life! We have LOADS of scavenged wood: simply dead wood lying around, which locals assure us is not a problem. Apart from le bon coin, there is also the free rag that comes out on Mondays, ‘le 09’. That has a whole section of wood adverts usually. From people with mobile numbers who don’t say where they are…..


    1. Bloggerboy, we peasants are so in touch with the soil and Mother Nature that such things are simply not required (as if). Seriously, I have actually learnt how young and more aged woods differ from one another in appearance.

      Now those hours you seem to be spending on the internet could, in my opinion, be better employed keeping up with your blogging which has regrettably dropped off a bit lately. Don’t you think?


  2. Some of us have day jobs. I’m kinda busy right now. So, while you Marie Antoinette types are dressing up as peasants and prancing around in your country retreats, well think of us poor working folk in the dark and drab cities, slaving away to pay for other folks early retirements, sniff. I could cry.


    1. Early retirement? Moi? I’m a genuine oldie working on ‘dear little old lady’ status, who doesn’t have time to go surfing the net for improbable gadgets I don’t need. Humph.


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