For Two Days Only: Le Jardin Extraordinaire at Lieurac

Ariège, Festivals

Last year was a first for us at Le Jardin Extraordinaire. This weekend, we were back, and we’ll be back next year too, and every year.

The members of Artchoum enjoy growing flowers, vegetables, plants of every kind. They relish creating beauty, fun, intrigue, from anything – a discarded table becomes a woodland creature, an ancient trainer a Grumpy Old Man, a few stones in the river a symbolic gathering.  Professional artists work alongside interested members of the public for months and weeks beforehand just for this one weekend in September.

And we all turn up, in our hundreds, to explore this very special walk through woods, or along the shaded river bank, in this normally secluded spot.  Families, couples, groups of friends all come to share the atmosphere –  friendly, fun, joyful, peaceful, reflective.  Have a look at the photos, and enjoy the walk too

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3 thoughts on “For Two Days Only: Le Jardin Extraordinaire at Lieurac

  1. It all looks a little like ‘The Forbidden Corner’ near Middleham!

    Could you give me your French phone number, by the way – there is a phone where we are staying and it would be lovely to meet up at a halfway point somewhere! We are in Gers 20th to 26/27th of this month


    1. Oh, it’s a lot wilder and more unstructured than the Forbidden Corner. Love them both, but this is the unsanitised version.
      Will email you our phone number, and look forward to seeing you then


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