A Mini-Break at Montauban: Part 2

Waking up to birdsong outside our window, it was tempting to enjoy the serenity of Le Mas des Anges: but it was Montauban we’d come to see.  And what a town it is.  Here’s our day in the town, in a slide show.

Montauban’s got something of a Protestant history, and has had its share of bloody times, even having almost 10 years of English rule in the middle ages.  Now, however, life is more tranquil, with traffic-free streets.  There’s time to enjoy the ancient rose-brick streets and mediaeval squares; the secret courtyards; the slow progress of the Tarn with its central island which is a giant housing estate for egrets and herons; the gardens and open spaces.  For us, there were restaurants to choose between, and later, idiosyncratic tea rooms with calorie-laden cakes, and all sorts of non-chain-shops we’d have liked to explore…. We’ll be back.  We finished the day, tired but content, picnicking above the vineyard at le Mas des Anges, and later, talking with our hosts.  We’ll be back there too

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2 thoughts on “A Mini-Break at Montauban: Part 2”

  1. I love those smaller towns in France. I never made it to Montauban, but did make it to Albi, which also had a great, quiet charm and is not far from there. Of course La Ville Rose (Toulouse) is wonderful, too, but a city in its own right.


    1. Yes, Albi’s a wonderful town, though HOT HOT HOT in the summer. You’re right, those towns which often aren’t quite on the tourist itinerary usually have something good to offer. And those bits of Toulouse I most enjoy are the back streeets, often with stunning architecture, and glimpses into courtyards with some lovely detail: some mouldings, or ironwork, ore even just a quirky arrangemnet of plants and flowers. Do give Montauban a go if you ever get the chance though.


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