An Update: the Good and the Bad

The good and the bad.  Good news first.  The birds have discovered there’s more to be had here than yesterday’s bread.  At bird mealtimes, which are not quite the same as ours, though much more frequent, they’re here vying over the nuts, the seeds, the fat, the mealworms, though still the stale soaked bread is best of all.  It must be the fat I mix in with it.

There’s an addition they’ve not yet come to terms with.  Henri arrived the other day with a large bag filled with sheets of suety fat that he’d cadged from his butcher.   Slabs like these hang in his garden, and the birds have pecked away at them so much that they look like fine and delicate antique lace tablecloths swaying gently in the breeze.  Our birds are still sticking to what they know.  Though one or two have been eying up the new additions

The marmalade?  Well, last Friday I was in Lavelanet market with a big shopping bag so I could clear the stock of Seville oranges from the one trader who’d had then the week before.  ‘Oh, those’, he said.  ‘I couldn’t sell them, so I’m not getting any more’.  I’ve pleaded with him to bring me some, but I’m not too hopeful.  All I have is the little cache of marmalade we made last week.  Now that IS bad news.

PS.  More bad news.  I left my camera in England, so the only shots I can use here are those that friends let me use, my own recycled from last year, or royalty free photos on the net

One thought on “An Update: the Good and the Bad”

  1. Hi Margaret,Mal, Glad to hear your feathered friends are returning, sounds like good feast had by all. I’m afraid you’ll
    have to ask Mal to take it easy on the marmalade till your trader can replenish your supply. I’m sorry Margaret I have’nt asked how you and Mal are both keeeping in good health I hope. Fenella and I are keeping well but since Christmas Gary is not faring so well he started with a chest infection which has unfortunately turned to pneumonia. He is on a second course of antibiotics, but I rather think its going to be a slow process of him getting back to good health. On a happier note I have got myself a voluntary job working in Freshfield animal welfare centre albeit I have only worked one day this week but I’m looking forward to getting more hours.

    All our love as always

    Tom and Fenella xxxx


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