The March Road of King Sinmoon


That’s what we walked today. The signboard in Gyeongju National Park told us so. But that was the only bit in English, and Google is not being helpful.

On the signboard, the king is in a chariot. We couldn’t see that working. We were up and down hill on a woodland walk that closely resembled one we might have had in the Ariège, or England, or …. lots of places. Rocky, stony, full of little streams and trees, trees, trees.

Except… there were dozens of little acid-green frogs darting ahead of us as we crossed the streams. Chipmunks zoomed up and down trees. I saw a sinuous and speedy watersnake

And we sweated. How we sweated. We only walked eight km.there and back from the Yongyeonpokpo Falls, which are not in anyone’s Top Ten ‘must see’ waterfalls, though they’re nicely restful. And we were soaked. And utterly exhausted.

Next time we’ll emulate King Sinmoon and take a chariot.