In which things did not go according to plan


I never thought to ask. I wish I had. 

I never thought to ask if it was the Valencia Marathon on Sunday.  I never thought to ask if the Marathon would begin and end at the City of Arts and Sciences, where I’d planned to spend the whole day. 

It was all quite fun at first. I was walking through the wonderful Turia Gardens, the dried up river bed that is now a park encircling the city centre, when I heard music and announcements in the street above.

This is what I found when I went to look.

And that was fine. But as I neared the City, the crowds grew. Paths were closed. The crowds, the noise, the music became ever more invasive.

I took a few photos, and decided that this noise, these crowds, this carnival wasn’t for me. All the paths I thought I needed were closed, though, or jammed with people, and getting away turned out to be very tricky. This was not the low-key day I’d planned.

It was ok in the end. I found a park at the other side of the city, and did a whole lot of nothing. It was just what I needed.

PS. On the metro today, a Spaniard asked me the way. I told her……