A Virtual Mini-Break in Bamberg

This is not the week to get out and about with my camera looking for Unusual Points of View for Jude’s Challenge.  Here’s why: *

The view from the bedroom window.

She’d like us to shoot something often photographed, but choose a less usual point of view.  I thought I’d combine it with a mini-break for us all.

Let’s go to Bamberg.  The old town there, a UNESCO World Heritage site, largely built on the rivers Regnitz and Main, between the 11th and 19th centuries can easily keep you busy and charmed for several days.  You can visit the main sites here.

But we have a job to do – Jude’s challenge.

This week's assignment - take a picture of a frequently photographed subject like a flower or a person's face from an unusual POV. How can you create an out-of-the-ordinary shot?

We’ll wander along the river to get a different view of the much photographed Old Town Hall.

A view of the Old Town Hall from the riverside of the Old Town.
Another view of the Old Town, seen from the comfort of a bar.

Then we’ll stroll about in Little Venice.

Little Venice, seen from the opposite bank of the river.

In the afternoon, we’ll go out of town and take a trip to Schloss Seehof .  It was built as a palace and hunting lodge for one of the Prince-Bishops of Bamberg between 1684 and 1695.  I wanted to capture the idea of this stylish palace being very much a place-in-the-country.

A view from the parkland.
Some of the parkland has become a nature reserve, with ponds and wetland. That’s the side of the palace I wanted to show here.

A short trip, I’m afraid.  But with travelling being so difficult nowadays, short, sweet and virtual is probably the way forward.

2020 Photo Challenge #36

* To be fair, it’s no longer raining.  But it was then …