Walking in fog

Yesterday was foggy. All day. Yesterday, when I took a photo – the header photo – at Fountains Abbey, it was so murky I thought it could pass for a sepia image. I’m going to chance calling it monochrome anyway. And since we could barely see ahead of us, we focussed on the ground below. And were rewarded. This is rather a fine tree trunk, I think.

And these Giant Funnel Fungi are rather fine too. Regular readers know that I am keen on foraged food, but I’m glad I didn’t bring these home. Here’s what the website Wild Food says: ‘A large chunky mushroom which can be found in fairly large numbers and is edible to most but can cause gastric upsets in some. This doesn’t really matter as the mushrooms are usually infested with maggots, even when young, making them more maggot than flesh. Not so appetising then … but look how huge they are! That’s a bit of my boot at the bottom of the frame.

This is the last day of November, a month in which Becky has been encouraging us to get out walking, whatever the weather. I’m glad I’ve joined her, and everyone who’s participated in Walking Squares. Thank you!

And I’m going to see if my header photo squeezes in as a Mid-Week Monochrome.

I nearly forgot. It’s destined for Jo’s Monday Walk as well.

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44 thoughts on “Walking in fog”

  1. I seem to have been the only place that didn’t have fog yesterday – at the time I was happy by that but now seeing all the great photos from yesterday feeling a little bit envious!

    I agree that’s a marvellous tree trunk, and impressive fungi too

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  2. Lovely shots Margaret, yes your header shot squeezed in 😀 😀 I love the sepia effect added to the header shot and that fog adds to the image…

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  3. Bonus points in my book for a monochrome shot in colour. What atmosphere. For the past two days the dawn has revealed drifting mist in the hollows and clear skies above. And today, like yesterday, has blossomed into bright sunshine. Hope it comes your way soon!

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      1. Hmmmm. Dare I mention that we’re headed to Yorkshire later this week? I’ll pack wellies and thermals.
        (I’ve not forgotten our intention to meet up. Still confident it will happen. Just not this time sadly.)

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      2. I quite understand that Sandra. It’s a time of year when family visits have to be shoe-horned in to the rest of life. Next summer though, let’s see if we can sort something out.

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  4. This post really sums up late November in a few images! Great tree trunk find, and yes, I class your opener as monochrome – monochrome simply means all the same colour (or shades of that colour) so this definitely qualifies in my book. I’m very partial to a colour monochrome in fact 🙂

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  5. Foggy November excellently brought to our devices’ screens, thank you. Your top photo makes me think of Cardinal Wolsey leaving Yorkshire in November, 1530 and journeying down towards the Tower of London and dying on 29th Nov in Leicester. No, I don’t just randomly remember such stuff, but November is the month I reread the Wolf Hall Trilogy and A S Byatt’s ‘Possession’. Oddly November seems to feature in them and somehow misty, gloomy November just lends itself to self-indulgent reading.


  6. You’d need moe than a month fo that little lot, surely? The Wolf Hall trilogy clocks up a good few thousand words. Oh goodness. My compute has just given up on the letters between q & s. Spell checker sometimes helps, but not always. Must look at Possession again. If only because title has no q-s characters.


  7. A fabulous foggy foto, Margaret. We had our very foggy day on Monday and since then the weather has slowly improved, incrementally brighter each day and tonight is clear with stars and moon after weeks of cloud.

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