Monday Portrait

Monday portraits tend to showcase subjects from the animal kingdom. But we have just said ‘Goodbye’ to my daughter and granddaughter: a week together in which blogging played no part. Anaïs  delighted in wandering among the daffodils: she’d never seen any in sunny Spain. Here’s a snapshot of one of those moments.

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45 thoughts on “Monday Portrait”

  1. Anaïs, a new breed of giant daffs…. 🌱🌼
    Ah noooo, it’s just that assorted yellow colour, now that I have put on my glasses. Übercute!

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    1. Thanks Peter. I didn’t know that. The name was chosen because it works equally well in Catalan and English. I think it’s a lovely name which suits her well.

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  2. So besito full! That came out of beautiful. Little spanish kisses perhaps! So glad you had such a wonderful week sharing so much with your granddaughter. I have a few prize daffodil bulbs that come out every year thanks to Lidl and there is the tiny wild daffodil so rare now. I am sure your granddaughter will be blessed with the glory of nature from south of the Pyrenees to your northern Pennines.

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    1. We had wild daffodils in our bit of the French Pyrenees, and they were so beautiful – pale and delicate looking, though little toughies really. Our little townie did chickens, Shetland ponies, ducklings …. it was all wonderful.

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