A shining example of a bakery

We all started queuing bright and early. We had to. Our local independent bakery and deli has been doing Click and Collect throughout the last lockdown, but now it’s open again, and we all wanted to make sure we got our hands on our favourite sourdough loaf, a croissant or two, or a couple of cinnamon buns maybe. And a few little treats from the deli while we were at it. We’ve missed you, Vanora!

The featured photo shows the shop window. And not just Vanora’s shop window, but all the ones opposite, reflected in the shiny glass.

Bright Square

Monday Window

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43 thoughts on “A shining example of a bakery”

  1. Yeah! Margaret, it is heady times with everything opening today … enjoy your special purchases! There is nothing quite like going in to a shop and seeing things beforehand, buying on the spur of the moment. I’m waiting a couple of days before venturing out during quiet moments.


  2. Oh, yes, I’d be up early to queue for croissants! The Deli looks lovely too. Might be time for me to venture back to our fairly local farm shop and pick up a saffron cake.

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  3. How encouraging to see people rallying for local, independent places. I hope it’s something we all embrace going forward. Hope you enjoyed your goodies.

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  4. That sounds great, Margaret. Living without good bread is so difficult. Luckily, my local (high-quality) bakery didn’t shut down during lock-down. But it’s amazing that everything is opening up – the streets here in central London are full of life on this Monday evening.

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      1. I usually love the buzz (why else live in central London), but it’s amazing how quickly you get used to a different reality. Now it’s almost overwhelming with all these people around.

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    1. There was a stage when I did too. But the ‘mother’ threatened to take over my life, and once I’d stopped, I stopped for good. Let’s say I’m supporting the local high street! That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it.

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