A Bright Easter to You All!

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I only finished off our Simnel Cake yesterday, traditionally decorated with almond paste and eleven eggs – one for each of Jesus’ disciples, but excluding Judas, who betrayed him – then lightly toasted. Sadly, we can’t actually share it with anyone this year, but please enjoy a Virtual Slice.

Bright Square

48 thoughts on “A Bright Easter to You All!

  1. I love Simnel cake and have made one too, although I think my recipe must be less rich than yours as it doesn’t contain brandy. I also make it round with the eleven marzipan eggs around the edge – I like your grouping πŸ™‚ Shall we exchange virtual slices?!

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  2. Very nice, I have never made one of these, but I did make a stollen yesterday to finish off the bits and pieces I had leftover from the Christmas cake. All these calorific bakes are not good for the waistline though! I shall be slicing up the stollen and freezing the slices for a monthly treat. Should last the rest of the year! Happy Easter to you! Since stopping work none of these holidays really have any relevance for me. Every day is a holiday!

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  3. Thank you – my virtual slice was delicious and very amenable to having the marzipan (I’m not a fan, which makes me very popular with friends who are) swapped for extra cake. Yummy, and NO calories! Happy Easter, oh and no email is owed – no way, trust me.

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  4. Hope you had a lovely Easter. We were able to have a picnic in my in-laws’ garden (even caught some sun!) and dropped off plenty of home-baked treats — no simnel cake this year, but my husband made hot cross buns, carrot cake, and two flavours of cupcakes.

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  5. I hope you enjoyed Easter and the special simnel cake. I don’t recall ever having been introduced to it but will look up some recipes out of interest. Thanks for the virtual slice!


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