Fog and mist, cloud and sun

Weather forecast.  Cold, but bright and sunny.  That sounded perfect for a walk in Wharfedale.  Starting and finishing at the forbiddingly-named Grimwith Reservoir, and taking a fine circular route to and from Burnsall would give us extensive panoramas over the hills of the Yorkshire Dales.

Except that on the way there, an impenetrable curtain of fog descended.  To walk?  Or not to walk? My friend and I had both made the effort to get there.  So we’d walk.

And for nearly an hour, this was our landscape.  No hills, no dales, but just the occasional gate, or tussocky grass, or – sometimes – sheep.

Then – suddenly it seemed – this.

The sky lightened and brightened, and the countryside we’d come to see developed before our eyes like those Polaroid photos that once seemed so exciting.

Soon we were at Burnsall, our half-way mark.  A hearty yomp up hill brought us to a bench, where we saw in turn black skies, grey skies, blue skies: and views, always with the village below us.

After lunch, a further climb, and then level walking back to where we’d begun our day.  But this time we had the views we’d come to see, and at the end, the quiet tints of the reservoir.

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51 thoughts on “Fog and mist, cloud and sun”

  1. What wonderful scenery once the fog lifted! I bet you were glad you made the decision to proceed with the walk, Margaret


  2. I love your photos, both the misty ones and brighter. You could use this post to illustrate any answer to the question often asked by visitors to the UK, ‘What will the weather be like?’!


  3. How funny, we had one of those days too yesterday. We had a few ‘jobs’ to achieve and HH took a day off from his hols surplus. We did what we had to do and on our way to the 2nd rendez-vous, I said ‘How nice it would be if we could just find some 20’ of non-foggy weather for a short walk’ while driving along the lake. And guess what – it HAPPENED…. it was incredible. It was really cold but the fog just lifted over the lake and moved a bit further up and over. We even saw one of those majestic rocky mountains very clearly in that special soft November light. 20’ later, after a refreshing and invigorating walk, we moved on and the fog closed around us – packing in our car together with all the others…. Fab!

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    1. Indeed! I’ve come to appreciate mist and fog much more these days. When there was a job to get to, it was just a plain nuisance. So glad you too had a good day.


  4. I love the Polaroid analogy for the lifting fog and that is a gorgeous photo. The views and skies always seem to be that much more impressive after fog or mist. I enjoyed all your photos. I am glad it turned out to be such a rewarding walk.

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  5. There’s mist and fog and fantastic photo opportunities and then there’s mist and fog and fog and fog and, then perhaps too much of a good thing? However, the moment it starts to burn off though, wow, your ‘suddenly photo’ is so expressive and quite magical.

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